Friday, 13 May 2011

stones and things.......

crystal healing...........mmmm that makes you a proper hippy then! i was told by a good friend!

ive been doing my VTCT in crystal healing, the equivalent of a NVQ ( yes i had a good chuckle over this, what a NVQ in crystals!).

i attended my study day and took along my new pendulum (which is very receptive)

we learnt how to place the chakra crystals on the chakras and learnt how to place4 the appropriate crystals around the body

we then received and gave treatments

we had to use our pendulum to ask if the chakra was in balanced and /or needed healing...........of which the pendulum answered!

we then had to use our (new) crystal wand to remove any blockages by twisting it within the chakra area ( felt a bit silly at this)
i used reiki at the same time as this felt intuitively right, my recipient could feel the heat and tingling and was really surprised by it! ( she had not received reiki before)

my turn to receive a treatment.........

i was able to pinpoint my chakras that needed healing as i could feel the crystals gently vibrating on my body!!
and when i received the healing from the crystal wand (the twisty bit) i could feel it! a slightly bizarre "scooping tingly " sensation not horrid at all just peculiar!

and so to practice.........and i can not wait!
 it works so well with the reiki, both vibrate at different levels giving a truly amazing healing experience!!

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