Tuesday, 30 November 2010

workshops and courses

i have two workshops planned for this weekend! auras and chakra balancing and shamanic healing!

i also hope to enrol for the indian head massage this week too......

iam so excited!

Friday, 26 November 2010

parents reaction

this is the lovely message my parents sent after reading my blog.........it was all new to them.

I always knew there was more to you than people see. Keep travelling girl and tell us what you find. I love you. Ma.

...peace and love....emma.
dont just wait for the light to appear at the end of the tunnel....go down there and light the bloody thing yourself!!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

the start?

So.........Iam a nurse.......my mind is scientific i need to know the logic behind things, how something works......
and yet.........something pulls at me, my inner being. i believe in auras, they have been proven right?

i believe in crystals, their hidden energy, their earth energy, their secret.
i believe in the benefits of holistic therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, reflexolgy, aromatherapy, massage etc etc........even if that benefit is a relaxed person therefore enabling the person to become better.

i have studied a couple of the afore mentiond and other in my past and i let them go to study nursing. now i feel they can be interlinked and no reason why i can do both............so my journey begins

 and it begins with reiki..............reiki an energy healing , hardly any touching, working within a persons energy field, their aura. (a very personal space)
i decided on this because i had an experience ten years ago working with someones aura at a workshop and i was astounded that a; i actually felt it, b; i actually felt a difference, a coldness. the person had, had a previous injury and i had picked up on it. little me, straight away............no experience necessary!.

so i meet my lovely reiki mentor, almost by accident . i went to her cafe and we started chatting. some things are meant. they happen for a reason.
i told her about my aura experience, i told her about how my hand tingled like i had two big balls of energy in them.
i told her about how i put a "white light" around my family when they were ill to wish them better. she told me she had done the same and it was a form of healing, actually known as white light healing.

she told me about reiki.
i was curious, i read a book and booked onto her course for reiki 1.

mmmm..........so the book was interesting. it told me about the use of symbols in the later stages of training and of an attunement to reiki.

i was a bit dubious of both.........didn't quite see how it would work or how i would be "attuned" to an energy.

i kept an open mind, i loved the training, met some lovely people that i hope will continue to be friends in times to come.

so.............i am attuned.......within hours i have developed ulcers and feel a bit crappy! my mentor and the book warned me this could happen.

i practice self reiki.

i practice reiki on my partner a few days later when i feel a bit better.
BANG. there it is then.............my hands are on fire and tingling like nothing on earth, i found it difficult to "turn off" the energy, the cat would not leave me alone, like i was smothered in cat nip!
my partner still has ailments, but said he could feel heat and pressure on areas of his body.

ok.............so i am a believer

i believe i always had this energy, but it has now been intensified and channelled for a good purpose
i believe every one has this energy

i believe this is  the start of a journey..........

...peace and love....emma.
dont just wait for the light to appear at the end of the tunnel....go down there and light the bloody thing yourself!!

a new journey?

I am hoping this is the start of something............?
The start of something that has always been inside me...........something old and something new?