Monday, 10 January 2011

reiki dreams.......?

so............i have been practising..i love reiki. it is definitely for me, maybe my future?
i have been wondering about whether i should set a date for reiki 11.

just before the new year i have a dream.

i dream about a meadow.......and i am walking along and floating about me are symbols, which appear to be made out of a cloud like substance although i can hold them i my hands.

they are generally swirly in nature.

when i wake up i draw them roughly before continuing my day.....

i have never seen the reiki symbols as , although curious i felt it may be improper or i wanted to do it properly when my reiki master/mentor introduced them to me  when i was ready.

my dream kept coming to the forefront of my mind and i kept on thinking about them............i had to know.

so i looked at the reiki symbols online...........the two symbols i had drawn looked very similar to two of the reiki symbols.

so am i ready for reiki 11?